Train Treehouse

Something New!

Our ProperyWorks team have been working on something very special over the last few months. We were commissioned by a lovely family to design and construct a treehouse train under and around a willow at the bottom of the garden, to replace an existing structure. They wanted something perfect for two little’uns who love trains. Trevor our service leader came up with the idea of building a ticket office to go with it.


Trevor and the PropertyWorks team designed and built the fantastic playhouse entirely from scratch; resizing, sanding and treating the wood as well as painting it the fantastic shade of turquoise you can see in the photo below.

In addition the team designed a working train whistle using a foot pump mechanism to give the full experience which the children absolutely loved!  Although we’re not sure how long the parents will enjoy the whistle for…

We’re so pleased with how well this project turned out and with the enthusiasm our PropertyWorks team have shown for learning new woodworking skills. We hope the Train gives its owners enjoyment for many years to come!

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