We want to transform the lives of disabled or disadvantaged people with jobs, work experience and training.

We are a local charitable company which is helping people who are disadvantaged in the workplace to get jobs, work experience, training and a sense of purpose.  Our people develop greater self-esteem, more confidence, better mental health and have real opportunities to contribute positively and regularly to society and to be seen doing so.

We do this by running a number of enterprises that provide jobs in catering, packing and distribution, gardening, decorating, warehousing, cleaning and office administration.

As a SUPPORTER you can help us by buying our services, sponsoring our skills training, buying us some of the equipment we need or working with us as a volunteer supervisor or assistant.

As we work towards re-opening the Tans restaurant in Hexham in September, we are particularly looking for more volunteers to join us in the kitchen or in the café – could you help?