We want to transform the lives of disabled or disadvantaged people with working opportunities.

At The Hextol Foundation we believe that work is good and that everyone should feel valued.

We provide working opportunities for people who have a learning disability or mental health condition.  Through these jobs they gain confidence, self-esteem, a sense of purpose and a way to contribute positively to society, as well as job skills and experience.

These are people who have a condition or disability which makes it impossible for them otherwise to get the experience or confidence they need to gain employment; marginalising them, making them dependent, often causing depression or other mental health problems.

The working opportunities we offer are in small businesses that we have set up in Hexham and in Newcastle. We also provide job and employability skills coaching; regular social events and activities; recognition and appreciation; and opportunities to form new friendships.

We do this by running a number of services that provide jobs in catering, packing and distribution, gardening, warehousing, property maintenance, cleaning and office administration.

The numbers benefiting and the working opportunities we offer have grown steadily, year on year. In total, since we started, some 122 people have benefited from more than 52,000 hours work in the jobs we offer; and there are 59 people benefiting from them today.

As a SUPPORTER you can help us by buying our services, sponsoring our skills training or by buying us some of the equipment we need.

Or you can help us by working with us as a VOLUNTEER supervisor or a volunteer.

There are many opportunities where you could help us by working as a volunteer – for example in the kitchen or the café at the Hextol Tans, our coffee shop and vegetarian café in Hexham – could you help?

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