About Us

We are an independent charitable company, based in Hexham, giving a sense of purpose to people who are learning disabled or who have mental ill-health by helping them develop their skills and confidence through work and personal achievement that creates a positive transformation in the quality of their lives.

We currently have around 60 people benefiting from the opportunities we offer in our family of social enterprises.

In Hexham:

  • Hextol Tans – a popular coffee shop and vegetarian café in St Mary’s Chare in Hexham.
  • Hextol Greenbox – our oldest and largest business, providing pack and post services to organisations all over the country.
  • Hextol Gardeners – a local garden maintenance service, offering lawn care, weeding and general tidy-ups in and around Hexham.
  • Hextol Decorators – a professional decorating service for homes, schools and offices in and around Hexham.
  • Hextol Lunches – a catering service providing a range of good value lunches and baking to local cafes, schools and other organisations.
  • Hextol PropertyWorks – offering storage and property upkeep services.

In Newcastle:

  • Hextol Gardeners – providing grounds maintenance and improvement projects for two schools in Arthur’s Hill.

We have seen steady growth over the ten years we’ve been operating and want to continue increasing the opportunities we have for people to work with us – from almost 11,000 hours work over the last year, to more than 15,000 hours by 2018/19.

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