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We take a holistic approach to the opportunities, both work and social, that we offer our beneficiaries and the benefits they gain from placements with us are many. They:

  • receive on-the-job skills training in our social enterprises
  • get positive recognition for their achievements, appreciation for the work they do, and satisfaction from learning new skills
  • improve self-esteem, self-confidence, teamwork, time keeping, readiness for work, helping customers, and health and safety awareness
  • make friends and reduce social isolation
  • contribute positively to society, challenging the stigma of learning disability and mental health issues

It costs about £30 an hour to offer supported work placements to our beneficiaries.  A donation towards our core running costs will help us provide supported work placements in our range of not-for-profit businesses.

Click on this link to download our Regular Donations and Gift Aid Form

or contact Bruce on 01434 605253

or email [email protected]

Even a little makes a big difference

If you would like to help us with our work, you can make a one off donation of your choosing. All contributions go towards our core costs that keep the Hextol Foundation in operation.

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